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Wolf gremm fabian online dating

Also included — and we’re still not sure why — is Edgar Allan Poe’s complete "The Raven," printed on black sheets.The second half of the book is dedicated to the artists of the biennial; each one gets a one-page bio (except for Miles Davis, who has no bio) and a color plate of one of their pieces on view at the Whitney.Deep Dish Television Network’s "Shocking and Aweful: A Grassroots Response to War and Occupation" in the lower gallery uses Pablo Picasso’s "Guernica" as a backdrop to its highly charged political documentary series, referencing the covering-up of the artwork at the United Nations just before Colin Powell presented "evidence" about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Pruitt’s "Throw Back" needs to be resituated so we can see the message on the back of the hooded figure.Lucas De Giulio’s "Yeast-in-Jar Holograms" are dug into the Whitney’s wall.Paul Chan’s "1 Light" installation projects images onto the floor and wall of a dimly lit room.On the floor, objects fall through space, from cell phones and poles to station wagons and, ultimately, people, evoking the harrowing memory of the men and women who jumped out of the Twin Towers on September 11; however, the same images are reflected onto the corner wall, where these same figures seem to float toward heaven.Tony Conrad pickles strips of film in "(P (RE (SERVE)))," by the second floor bathroom.

Hana Liden’s "Lake with Fire" presents itself as an ethnographic photograph of an unknown ritual.

Contemplating the state of art at the Whitney Biennial 2. For the first time in its history, the Whitney has titled its biannual survey of contemporary American art, calling it "Day for Night," questioning the nature of not only the making of art but the viewing of it as well.

If you forward any part of this guide to someone who has not subscribed, please be sure to attach the following line: To subscribe to this list, which includes e-mail-only bonuses twice a month, please e-mail the administrator at [email protected] the word Subscribe in the Subject line. Production still from "A Journey That Wasn’t," Pierre Huyghe, 2005 Whitney Museum of American Art 945 Madison Ave. Through May 28 Closed Monday and Tuesday Admission: (Fridays from to pay what you wish) 1-877-whitney 1973, François Truffaut made DAY FOR NIGHT (LA NUIT AMERICAINE), a film about filmmaking whose title referenced the cinematic convention of using special filters to shoot nighttime scenes during the day.

Billy Sullivan’s three-walled slide show projects images of a young blonde woman cavorting on a hotel bed by herself, men in somewhat alluring poses, and scenesters partying it up.

Nari Ward’s "Glory" is a star-spangled oil-drum coffin beckoning visitors to come inside.

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