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The fantastical aspect is a bit of a departure for Mc Carthy after helming films like The Station Agent, The Visitor, and Win Win, but he still keeps the film focused on the characters.

They didn’t like my audition, so the person who sent me through for the audition told me, “Why don’t you do what you did in your video?“Send me home with some assignments to do, a few exercises and things.” So due diligence, watching people like Denzel, and the knowledge of the fact that everything is done in stills – they’re all just photos that are moving – with that knowledge, and all the little parts that people have given or I have auditioned for and gotten, all that was a work in progress to where I am now.So yeah, the only difference is the parts that I get now.He called me up and said he had a script and wanted me to do it. ” So I finally got it, but then when you see it, it really comes alive. METHOD MAN: Yeah, I’m a huge fan and I think Adam tapped into a vein at that time in comedy where it was the everyman’s comedy. He really did create a whole new world of comedy, and it is what Cliff said earlier, that blue-collar thing where all the sudden he was just a guy. And he’s a real character actor, he’s got some chops. And he’s having a good TIFF with this and Men, Women and Children. If you think about it, it’s its own genre that is now called “like The Wire”. You know, maybe Homicide had part of it, but the race culture – it introduced topics that before that were danced around, and that’s what the show was about.I said, “I’m in.” He said, “Don’t you want to read it first? Some scripts you read them on the page and they’re fully what they are. And certain performances, like Adam and Cliff, I never saw Cliff be Ludlow, so I didn’t see that character. Every man could relate to it whether you were 8 years old or 88 years old. So instead of having a couple of fringe characters, this was your cast and they were in this city operating the way that it really happens. Have you ever censored yourself when you’re about to hit post and you’re like “Oh fuck, I can’t do that”?

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