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In both of those films I was a suicide really, a guy who is quite disturbed. He thinks that the lingering menace that characterises some of his best work is closely allied to his sense of humour.

“If you’re lucky something early on in your career works and a lot of people see it.

We don’t show Saturday Night Live over here, but it is a comedy institution in America and Walken has hosted it seven times, more than anyone other than Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin and Tom Hanks.

He also generated millions of views on You Tube as the twinkle-toed dancer of Spike Jonze’s video for Fatboy Slim’s ‘Weapon of Choice’.

Hare gets his point across about international corporate and government skulduggery while we get to enjoy a series of delectable scenes in which Walken and Nighy circle each other, crumpled and vital and incorrigible all at the same time.

In real life, meanwhile, Walken and Nighy seem to have formed a mutual appreciation society (“Christopher Walken? That thing they talk about with actors, that elusive chemistry whatever that is?

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While the iron is hot A lot of actors tell me they're selective, but when a job comes up, I tend to take it. So going to work is pretty important because as an actor, you can get a job and it can be your last job.