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Wessex web solutions

No employees or anyone in the El Dorado community were injured as a result of the explosion, and there was no environmental impact.Following is an update to the earlier announcement.The acid produces severe and possibly life-threatening burns to the skin and reacts violently when added with water.A police spokesman said he had no idea why the owner of a storage facility in the 1800 block of Industrial Boulevard needed 275 gallons of the highly caustic chemical."I had just left the Pedas rest area when I felt my throat getting unusually dry.

During my training, I was told to contact the authorities if there was any untoward incident."I immediately called the Fire and Rescue Department," he said at the scene.Senior head of operations for the Seremban 2 Fire and Rescue Department, Sabarudin Ahmad, said two engines from the Seremban 2 and Senawang stations rushed to the scene, along with a hazardous materials unit (Hazmat) involving 21 personnel."Twenty-six canisters containing the acid were moved to another lorry, which was dispatched by the company concerned."Investigations revealed a crack in one of the canisters.

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The Company intends to replace the nitric acid production capacity lost by this event.

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