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A prime example of the process is Billingsgate Island off of Wellfleet.There once was a village of 30 buildings on what is now just a sand bar at low tide. About 5,500 BC, the island was totally submerged but up until the 1700's colonial mariners used to stop and "stretch their legs" on the top of "Mount George" which, by then, had become just a sandbar at low tide.The Press proclaimed them “Harness Racings' Gold Dust Twins” as they each established new World Records year after year.In 1968 Billy would capture the Pacing Triple Crown with Rum Customer while Stanley took the Trotting Triple Crown with Nevele Pride.We have maps and pictures as well as the evidence of foundations but is anyone alive that was eyewitness to tell us of its existence? That summit nowadays lies under at least six feet of water.

For five straight years, beginning in 1952, Hoad was ranked in the world top 10 for amateurs, reaching the World No. Hoad was a member of the Australian team that between 19 won the Davis Cup four times. Kenneth Robert ("Ken") Rosewall was another “Aussie” tennis player from that same era and he is considered to be one of the top male tennis players of all time.

The woodlands become grasslands which, in turn, are transformed into salt marshes.

What was once a heavily-forested peninsula has been reduced to rolling sand dunes of scrub pine and fond memories that we now call Cape Cod.

The flora turned into birch tree woods and after a century it became a pine tree forest.

Within 700 years, what had been a lifeless, rock-strewn plain had been transformed into an extensive area of huge oaks, massive maples, and towering fir trees which was inhabited by the first Cape Codders.

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