Svitlana sveta lutsk

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Svitlana sveta lutsk

Natasha's was accepted into a 3-year speech therapy program.The university is located in a city about an hour away and she will travel there to attend sessions several times a year.They actually have daily afternoon classes to attend, which decreases the hours they can be at Agape.And in a week Natasha will have her first session and be gone for about 10 days.We used the first couple of work days for staff training, analyzing and revising our work processes, and other administrative-type activities.Then we began welcoming patients back into our facility. Katya, a student in the second class of our PT Training Center program, transitioned from her role as caregiver to our therapy team.

When it came to Ira and Katya, the professor was quite surprised and asked how they managed to get into the program (every other student had some previous form of medical education). We headed out to Pasha's village and spent the day by the river: swimming, resting in the hammocks, grilling and enjoying fellowship together.

As he does periodically, Vadim has gone to Poland to earn money to support his family and the construction of their house.

And the schedule for the program Ira and Katya are in is not as it was understood when they applied.

Agape is a family and it is growing larger all the time!

In addition to all of the wonderful things that have been happening, there are also some challenges and prayer requests.

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Her fellow students organized a celebration from our class, but staff and patients at Agape also organized themselves to collectively drop by our classroom to sing to her and greet her.

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