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After receiving visual warning from Condor at 0357 hours, destroyer USS Ward began patrolling the harbor entrance.

At 0637 hours, Ward sighted the periscope of a Japanese submarine.

Scott Fitzgerald (Tender is the Night) Catherine Millet Frank Harris 'Walter' author of My Secret Life Lisa B.

In Jun 1940, US President Franklin Roosevelt moved the American Pacific Fleet from San Diego, California on the west coast of the United States to Pearl Harbor in the Territory of Hawaii as a response to Japan's aggression toward China, followed by the embargo of vital raw materials to the newly industrialized Japan.

She lay unconscious of the wild little cries she uttered at the last. she felt the soft bud of him within her stirring, and strange rhythms flushing up into her with a strange rhythmic growing motion, swelling and swelling till it filled all her cleaving consciousness, and then began again the unspeakable motion that was not really motion, but pure deepening whirlpools of sensation swirling deeper and deeper through all her tissue and consciousness, till she was one perfect concentric fluid of feeling, and she lay there crying in unconscious inarticulate cries. His fingers teased her, and withdrew when that had aroused her, his mouth teased her and then eluded hers, his face and body came near, espoused her every limb, and then slid away into the darkness.

He would seek every curve and nook he could exert pressure of his warm slender body against and suddenly lie still, leaving her in suspense, When he took her mouth he moved away from her hands, when she answered the pressure of his thighs, he ceased to exert it.

When the large cloud appeared on the radar screen, the US Navy radar crew dutifully called in this finding, but the radar men were told by US Army officers that they were probably seeing a group of B-17 bombers scheduled to arrive later on this day. Anti-aircraft gunfire commenced very quickly after Japanese aircraft were sighted, while larger caliber weapons took anywhere from three to seven minutes before they began firing.Nowhere would he allow a long enough fusion, but tasting every embrace, every area of her body and then deserting it, as if to ignite only and then elude the final welding.A teasing, warm, trembling, elusive short circuit of the senses as mobile and restless as he had been all day, and here at night, with the street lamp revealing their nudity but not his eyes, she was roused to an almost unbearable expectation of pleasure."As Isabelle lay crushed over my gaping heart I wanted to feel her enter it. Rippling, rippling, rippling, like a flapping overlapping of soft flames, soft as feathers, running to points of brilliance, exquisite, exquisite and melting her all molten inside. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover) "They fled from the eyes of the world, the singer's prophetic, harsh, ovarian prologues.It was like bells rippling up and up to culmination. Down the rusty bars of ladders to the undergrounds of the night propitious to the first man and woman at the beginning of the world, where there were no words by which to possess each other, no music for serenades, no presents to court with, no tournaments to impress and force a yielding, no secondary instruments, no adornments, necklaces, crowns to subdue, but only one ritual, a joyous, joyous, joyous, joyous impaling of woman on man's sensual mast." (Anais Nin, Spy in the House of Love, 1954) "His caresses were so delicate that they were almost like a teasing, an evanescent challenge which she feared to respond to as it might vanish.

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Events such as the Japanese changing warship call signs twice in a short period of time, the increased level of radio message encryption, and the sudden disappearance of at least four fleet carriers from US knowledge (his team had mistakenly placed one or two Japanese carriers in the Marshall Islands) made him suspicious of Japanese intentions.