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The singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie stayed there too, Tina said.

In the early days of the Village folk scene, the performers freely traded their knowledge of traditional songs and borrowed lyrics and chord progressions from one another.

He asked where she was going: to see a guy who worked in a bar. ’ And I said ‘fine.’” Will’s mother, Anita Grace De Vogue Voyes, a.k.a.

“Tina,” moved to Manhattan to join the budding folk revival scene, where she quickly hooked up with performer Gene Michaels, an acquaintance of Dylan’s.

When he was a boy, his adopted family in Rhode Island gave him a bag containing a lock of hair and a baby picture.Though they lived in comfort — according to Tina, their big house in the Forest Hills neighborhood would later be owned by the comedian Alan King — Tina did not get along with her stepmother.With the folk revival beginning to attract a scene in the Village, she headed into Manhattan.” He does, in fact, resemble the singer if you’re looking for it, especially around his eyes, which are perpetually wary. Given up for adoption as a child, by his own admission he has wandered through life.He has sold mortgages but hates the work; he’d rather be painting houses.

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Ticket-holders filtered into the venue after the dinner hour, past the clattering slot machines, the bright high-end boutiques, and the unsettling stuffed wolves serving as décor.

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