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It also exists in London and Paris and New York, Venice or Barcelona, LA or Stockholm or almost any place where a pretty lady can be found that loves wit, knowledge, the arts, politics perhaps...

I am curious about the dynamic of polyandrous relationships, also known as a polygamous relationship with one woman and more than one man. My husband and I have been married for 17 years and have been looking for this fulfillment in our lives but have been hitting a road block as were to look.

He used to "get together" with his best friend in the past and recently I think they have both been wanting to do that again.

I find I don't have a problem with that but I'm wondering how...

Is there something Im looking for thats not there or can it become a real relationship. Ever since I was a little girl and my mother read me stories about princesses and princes, I would always ask, "why can't she be with the prince AND the bad guy? But I knew that I was capable to love more than one. This is just an update of all that happened from the last time since I blogged my polyandrous situation and made public and for those who can’t make head or tail of it should read my first post.

Well, at the time I was not just confused but felt like was being torn by several... I am having another relationship with another man that I enjoy very much.

i meet someone who was doing that and i become of part of this ...i was the second person... This is practiced in areas such as Tibet and Nepal.

Chores are shared, such as picking up kids from school, making dinner, etc. They both cared for eachother but he was in the army and was sent away. I welcome the idea of my wife have a second husband. We used to be very close but since high school we've drifted apart a little.

We live together in a three bedroom home in Fresno, California.

My mother has recently been living with us because my parents...

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