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The first round of individual performance lasted two days.For the first time ever, contestants had the option of either being accompanied by the band or playing an instrument themselves.Unlike previous seasons, contestants whose performances not considered good enough were given a second chance in the second round.They lined up on stage in groups of 10 and each sang a short segment of a song "a cappella." After each group had finished, the judges cut those they felt not talented enough. In the final round, all the remaining contestants performed individually a song chosen from a large list of songs provided accompanied by the band and three backup singers.

Junto ao FBI, ela acompanha investigações de casos de assassinatos envolvendo restos mortais das vítimas, especialmente seus ossos.The judges then deliberated further on who should be in the Top 24, and their decision was revealed the next day in the Green Mile episode.One of the more prominent contestants during the Hollywood week was Josiah Leming whose unhappiness with the backing band resulted in him dismissing the band. Another piece of drama involved contestant Kyle Ensley when Simon Cowell voiced strong objection over him not being selected for the semifinals.O Agente Especial Seeley Both (David Boreanaz), arrogante porém charmoso, é quem trabalha com ela dentro da Agência de Investigação.A série explora, assim, além dos casos de assassinatos, as origens das relações entre os personagens e uma amizade – e possível romance – entre Booth e Brennan.

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A brand new set was built, and a new introduction credit sequence created.

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