Infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

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Infrared wireless port when updating a pda from

Some PCs have the Windows CAB files already archived on the hard drive and will not require the actual CD.

You can now verify the installation by double-clicking on the My Computer on the Desktop.

Today, most laptop computers, smart phones and PDAs come equipped with an Infrared (IR) port.

Although not as fast or as convenient as Bluetooth data transfer, IR is handy simply on the basis of its widespread availability.

During driver installation, Windows may ask for files that are located on the Windows 98/98SE CD.

You will need to have the Windows 98 / 98SE CD available.

Since IR requires line-of-sight to work, you need to be careful to align the IR ports on the two devices you wish to use and ensure that neither of them is moved while data transfer is in progress. The recipient device will ask for a confirmation on whether you want to accept the transfer or not. The transfer will start and a progress window will now display the status.

Here, we look at the steps involved in transferring data using a laptop with Windows XP to another IR capable device such as a mobile phone. Make sure the drivers for the IR port in the laptop are installed. To transfer data such as images from the laptop to a mobile phone, enable Infrared in the phone. Place the laptop on a stable surface such as a table and align the IR port on the mobile phone with that on the laptop. Browse to the location where the files to be transferred are located and select them for transfer. These steps will be useful to send data from Laptop to Mobile phones using Infrared port.

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The Infrared Recipient is added to the my Computer Folder.

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