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We cannot thank you enough for sticking with us for 100 episodes! We spoke at the Global Seduction Lifestyle and Relationship Convention in front of a group of 100 pickup artists. In this WILD episode, we debrief Cam's Burning Man experience and even include some live tape from the festival!

We talk eroticism, public and communal nudity, and SPANKING!

We received an email from a listener asking for help losing his virginity on Craigslist.

Karen Lee and Cam research how to make a Craigslist sex posting, and then compete to see who can w. Emily Morse, host of the blockbuster podcast Sex With Emily, joins us to talk about how to have the sex of your dreams!

It's a sex bootcamp that is guaranteed to improve your sex life.

We also ask Emily about her own sexual experiences, and sh...

Karen Lee Poter is a 50 year old woman and self-proclaimed cougar.At first, Karen Lee and Cam talk about the necessary preparation for this event.Then, they chat about how this invitation unfolds (which ... So in this episode we invite on special guest Rocky Hardy to share his recent break up experience. How do you minimize suffering for the person you're breaking up w... Show them this show note and ask them who their favorite comedian is. We chat about how to express yourself, which is the key to any relationship. This episode spans the promiscuity spectrum beginning with 30-year-old virgins and ending with a one-night stand.Hot off a one-night stand, Cam chats with Karen Lee about sexual exploration and the role of casual sex in both of their lives. Michael comes on the show to share about his experience as a musician and gay man in New York City.We dive into the following questions and more: -How has being gay affected his music and... Cam is invited to a Play Party, aka a party with "different expectations"!

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This is an awesome crossover episode with Tina Horn, producer and host of the "Why Are People Into That? Tina teaches Cam and Karen Lee about sex parties and sends them on an assignment to participate in one! Karen Lee shares her experience throwing off a pick-up artist.