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Eclipse updating indexes java heap space

For each entry to be compared, a new Although there are much less objects created, the indexer run time was not affected at all.

It seems as if the Java compiler and the VM do quite some optimizations so that the overhead of creating wrapper objects does not really affect performance.

This is an improvement of roughly 6% with no additional memory consumption.

If a requested chunk is not inside the cache, it must be loaded from the super large char array.The database (the super large char array) is divided into chunks of 4096 chars.Whenever a string should be stored inside the database, one or more chunks must be allocated.Indexing a large Java workspace at startup may take several seconds, for really large projects maybe a few minutes, but afterwards it rarely blocks the sophisticated Java tooling.Be it large code imports or refactorings, Eclipse Java tooling handles that very well.

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as their tooling for developing C/C projects and they frequently complain about the poor runtime of the CDT indexer.