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Diddy dating nicki minaj

It's not to say that ALL celebrities set awful examples, although some of them arguably do (I'm looking at you Justin Bieber). But hey, no one's perfect, so we can't chastise celebrities for being human, too.

And it also wouldn't be fair to say that all celebrities that offer a good example don't also have their moments of weakness where they're ... So sure, plenty of people criticize Nicki Minaj on her over-the-top costumes, more-than-sexy concerts and crude lyrics, but there's WAY more to her than that.

Not only does Nicki say (EXACTLY) what she means, but she does so in a way that proves she doesn't need to bend to anyone, and that taking hold of her own dreams and living the life she wants it TOTALLY up to her, and her alone. So the next time you hear one of her songs on the radio or see her KILLING IT on the cover of Marie Claire, take a moment to soak in some of her spirit. Charlie Puth featuring Selena Gomez – We Don't Talk Anymore DJ Khaled featuring Rihanna and Bryson Tiller – Wild Thoughts D. She's more than crazy costumes and crude lyrics. It's easy for plenty of celebrities to get caught up in the rough and tumble of Hollywood fame.The buxom beauties writhed around futuristic sets wearing vibrant leather and plastic outfits for the video shared on You Tube.Nicki Minaj went from classic pink-clad Barbie to 'Referee Barbie' in order to close Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards with host Katy Perry.

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Sharing a throwback from the infamous shoot to her Instagram, the rapper posed in a pair of The Baroness latex knickers (bedazzled, of course!

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