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But they are also expected to ratchet up tensions further with the Trump administration. 'Those who are trying to go back to the language of threats and sanctions are prisoners of their past hallucinations.

They deprive themselves of the advantages of peace.'But Rouhani also tempered his own threat, adding that Iran seeks to remain loyal to its commitments under the nuclear deal, which opened a 'path of cooperation and confidence-building' with the world.'The deal was a model of the victory of peace and diplomacy over war and unilateralism,' said Rouhani.

In December, Rouhani ordered up plans to build nuclear-powered ships, something that appears to be allowed under the nuclear deal.

Rouhani's remarks were likely an attempt to appease hard-liners at home who have demanded a tougher stand against the United States. sanctions amount to a 'hostile' breach of the 2015 nuclear deal.'The U. has shown that it is neither a good partner nor a trustable negotiator,' Rouhani added.

Turkey has backed the rebels seeking Assad's ouster but has muted its criticism of the Syrian regime.'The open-war phase in the Syria conflict will soon be over and the question of a political solution will become more pressing than before,' Russian political analyst Azhdar Kurtov told AFP.'Russia, Iran and Turkey each have their own interest in Syria. And they are meeting to try to smooth over these disagreements,' he said.The Syrian conflict has entered a new phase with the capture at the weekend by government forces and their allies of Albu Kamal, the last significant town in Syria held by Islamic State, where Soleimani was pictured by Iranian media last week.Iraqi forces captured the border town of Rawa, the last remaining town there under Islamic State control, on Friday, signaling the collapse of the so-called caliphate it proclaimed in 2014 across vast swathes of Iraqi and Syrian territory.The senior commander was frequently seen at frontline positions in battles against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria in videos and pictures posted by Iranian media in recent years.Last week, Iranian media published pictures of Soleimani at Albu Kamal in eastern Syria, a town which Soleimani said Tuesday was the last territory retaken from Islamic State control in the region.

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The foreign ministers of Saudi Arabia and other Arab states criticized Iran and its Lebanese Shi'ite ally Hezbollah at an emergency meeting in Cairo on Sunday, calling for a united front to counter Iranian interference.