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So it's for the best that they kept this track off the standard release, since it's the only one that sounds like a boy band playing pretend.86.

"Half a Heart," )Starting off sounding almost exactly like their (only slightly more superior) "More Than This," this might be the sappiest of all their ballads.

"Summer Love," Not a cover of the Justin Timberlake song, and definitely not a Grease-inspired duet between Harry and Louis.

But this album closer gives each of the boys a chance to shine vocally — Niall, especially — and it's a sweet end to a near-perfect track list.

Sure, 1D's second-ever single was a rockin' power ballad in its time, and it foreshadowed Liam's destiny as the group's go-to falsetto guy. It's undoubtedly the best part of the track — and perhaps one of the best parts of all of Midnight Memories.79.

"Stole My Heart," If we're talking ballads, "Change My Mind" isn't 1D's most memorable.

But while the verses take their time getting off the ground, the chorus really soars—and gets stuck in your head when you least expect it. "Better Than Words," )One of the bonus songs off the gargantuan 17-track Yearbook Edition of Take Me Home (we're not even going to count the additional three tracks on the Target deluxe edition), "Still The One" is a great pop song, but it suffers for being the very last track on an album already chock-full of them.57.

"Moments,")Despite its potentially dark subject matter — fans have speculated the song is about death — "Moments" (written by prince of tears Ed Sheeran) was the first real hint of what the boys could accomplish with slower, softer material.

No wonder they kept it on the setlist for their first three concert tours.62.

"C'mon, C'mon," The premise is simple: Imagine that the hot guy at the party forgot about his date, and suddenly, he wants to dance with you.

Add that to the electro-pop beat, and it's the stuff rom-coms are made of.61.

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"Story of My Life," Never mind the fact that people are still confused about what the lyrics mean.

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