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Retailing at 246 4/- in 1962 (when the average wage was 20 PW) the Contarex was the "Queen of Cameras" and ideal for the man who had everything, including big muscles.

The original "Bullseye" Contarex had some curious design features.

The wheel simultaneously operates a second diaphragm inside the meter, behind the baffle - a very roundabout way of coupling the meter.

The f2 Planar focusses right down to 30cm, with automatic exposure increase provided.

The design concept, to make a compact outfit, held good for the petite 35mm and 50mm lens groups (bottom right and left), but not for the 95mm and massive f3.5 125mm telephoto (on camera) which carries the same 72mm filter thread as Canon's 50mm f0.95 lens.

Among its faults (the instruction book gave no hint of this) was that the effective aperture of the in-body diaphragm differed with the lens fitted, and unless the film speed setting were adjusted to compensate, shots taken with the 125mm were nearly a stop overexposed (this was corrected in the later EX Auto model).

He thought the camera otherwise luxurious, although the shutter release needs a firm push. The Canon 7, a Leica M rival, was notable for its unique f0.95 standard lens.

More than a stop faster than an f1.4, it was called the "Dream" lens because it supposedly admitted 4 times as much light as the human eye.

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