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As hearing trumpets and devices became aesthetically appealing and socially acceptable, more individuals were making use of them to improve their hearing losses.

Lavish funerals, formal garments, black-bordered stationery, were all part of the complicated and dignified mourning period, clearly an aspect for the wealthier parts of society, though in some cases these mourning rituals may served as sources of financial anxiety and commercial exploitations (Clewell 2004).Store mushrooms in the refrigerator in a paper bag; plastic encourages deterioration in quality and texture.Salt mushrooms after cooking, as the salt draws moisture out during the cooking process.The mourning period also invoked a strict and fashionable dress code which was applied rigorously to widows, who were required to wear full black mourning for at least two years.Extravagance and social emulation were part of the mourning rituals for the middle-classes and were reflected in fashion magazines such as Queen or Gentlewoman that outlined dictations for refinements and mourning and even updated mourning outfits according the latest season’s fashions (Jalland 191).

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It’s also lovely when grilled or roasted with olive oil. Try it yourself and see how many ways you can prepare the Trumpet Royale™ mushroom.