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Dating dream about male friend

This can reflect concerns about death, perhaps because someone close has died and confronted you with death.Death is an important aspect of your life, and drams use such a dream to explore the subject, and find greater wholeness and healing. Sometimes we dream of seeing someone we know buried when we want them out of our life.Seeing someone else buried might be a hidden wish to ‘get rid of them’.Very occasionally it is a premonition about the person’s health.

In the dream, I remember thinking I’ll never see him again. He picked up some cancer in my stomach about six months ago and I have since been successfully treated. ) – Because of the context in which your friend’s funeral occurs in your dream, I do not feel this is a warning dream about your friend’s health.

Perhaps you projected this inner energy/pattern/potential on your friend who is also your doctor?

Can you acknowledge that it is also inside you and that it is okay to make room for another archetype now?

He then opened his eyes squinting as you do when you wake a lights are in your eyes. He was killed in a car accident and I didn’t attend his funeral.” What I have made of this part of your comment is that the friend is still alive in your waking life and he was killed in your dream only.

He looked around at me and my mom and a guy was walking around never seen him before but he led me to a waiting room and I woke up. What I see in your dream – and please explore it yourself as well and Person – is that you become aware that you do not express a part of you (your potential).

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