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See also Americans Hate Tingle for regional examples. Moral Guardians are a specific type of Periphery Hatedom, who sometimes subvert the trope by directing their complaints at how they think the work will affect its audience.However, they often play it straight by getting the target audience wrong, typically by assuming that everything of a particular genre must be kid-appropriate.We went out together for six years, from 1958 until shortly after I got my first big break working on the Radio Caroline pirate ship.All that time, I was painfully suspicious of any other man who dared to look at her, always imagining that he was a potential suitor.Even at the height of my fame, though, I was well aware that my Mr Nice image - complete with catchy jingles and corny jokes - wasn't going down well with everyone.At the Radio One Roadshows, there would be a bit of ribbing from the more drunken elements of the crowd - and it was never very pleasant to hear the occasional chorus of "Tony Blackburn is a w*****" from a few blokes at the back.But when I mentioned my intentions to my agent, Harold Davison, the colour drained from his face. The same principle applied to DJs - so, with a heavy heart, I put my career first and ended the relationship.

But it was after I started as a DJ on Radio Caroline, which involved being based two weeks out of every three on a ship in the North Sea, that I drove myself fairly mad with jealousy.There's no point in being blase about it: I loved every minute of being one of the most recognised faces in Britain.I don't think I ever refused to sign an autograph in my life and I thought there was nothing like a good mobbing, complete with heaving crowd and a police escort to hold it back.None of them, however, was able to banish the loneliness that I often felt in my private life - or the insecurities that were to plague me for decades and wreak havoc with relationships.My first real love, Sally Mac Kenzie, was a case in point.

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Given enough time, even an otherwise benign Periphery Hatedom can look fanatical to disinterested third parties, who are as likely to direct their pleas of "Will you just were a kid had a Periphery Hatedom at the time, and the kids who love a kid-oriented work with a Periphery Hatedom may grow up to become the adults who hate some new kid-oriented work, while still viewing the stuff they themselves enjoyed as kids as pure quality.

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