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You’ll be standing on a packed 7 train in the middle August, like a sweat-infused tin of sardines, with fluid from the air conditioning dripping on your forehead like new age Chinese water torture. You can’t help but start to question his ulterior motives.

You can sense everyone standing in your vicinity rolling their eyes, except one middle-aged man, who’s inexplicably grinning from ear-to-ear. Anger and aggression are essential human qualities, and while they might be a bitch to deal with when regarding your roommate or mother, they’re vital to the whole mind-body connection.

You don’t think enough of yourself to own your identity, so you become accommodating, inoffensive and boring.” Wygant’s words may be the meaning behind what women have tried to express about passive men since the beginning of time -- a guy must show some passion, instead of just to agreeing with your every word. Not every woman is accustomed to being around nice, respectful guys.

Wygant went on to urge men to become “great guys” not “nice guys.” By that, he means that a guy should become one “who treats people well and also stands up to his own principles.” According to Wygant and several of the articles above, nice guys don’t do that. not a nice guy who tries to conform to her wants every which way and puts himself in the beggar’s role. Men in her past may not have been gentlemen, so nice guys can throw a girl off a bit.

I don’t want to tell anyone what to do, or whom to trust, but that’s just how I feel. Is anybody ever really that nice or that happy without having ulterior motives?

There are times in life that are just genuinely sh*tty.

Relationship counselor and author Julie Orlov wrote, “The lie women have been fed is that only the ‘bad’ boy can provide enough passion and power to make a woman feel like a real woman.” She continued, noting, “They know who they are and what they have to offer.

But just because there’s a television show named after the the common aphorism and a Wikipedia page dedicated to the concept of the “nice guys” finishing last doesn’t mean that it’s actually truthful.Relationship consultant and blogger Telisha N echoes Mindy’s stance: “You may very well be the type of individual who craves routine, organization and predictability in order to think straight, but even the most anal retentive of personalities need a release from the everyday humdrum.” For some girls, predictability in a relationship is boring.An article on explains this, and states that research proves it’s “the feeling of uncertainty [that] really causes the heart to go pitter-patter, not the looks, the back account, the career or the hot body.” Furthermore, an article on Urban Belle states that the nice guy often loses to the bad guy because “women will gladly turn down the guy who actually does what he says (boring) in exchange for the guy who does what he wants (exciting).” Sometimes, being “too nice” just means that a guy is less than bold.Weighing in on the multiple meanings of “he’s too nice” are several honest college students and experts who will explain just what it means for them, individually, and if it’s worth the worrying.“At work and school I have enough structure in my day, and the last thing I want in a relationship is predictability,” said Mindy L., 20.

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