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In refusing to rethink the penalties for certain activities relating to drugs -- possession, for example -- Canada's Parliament has completely rejected the recommendations of the large majority of witnesses who appeared before or sent submissions to Senate and House of Commons committees calling for some or all currently illegal drugs to be decriminalized.

Both Bill C-8 and the previous drug laws ignore non-criminal alternatives being developed in other countries to reduce the harms associated with drugs.

The letter was sent because the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs was about to complete its study of Bill C- 8 and possibly recommend changes to the Bill the May 6, 1996 letter we wrote to the Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs to address several concerns: Canada's international obligations relating to illicit drugs, the impact of decriminalization on rates of cannabis use, the myth of cannabis as a "gateway" drug, the deterrent effect of the criminal law, recent developments in Australia, and the need to focus on the serious harms (HIV and hepatitis infection, violence and overdoses) that criminal prohibition fosters.

The Canadian Foundation for Drug Policy (CFDP) is a non-profit organization founded in 1993 by several of Canada's leading specialists in drug policy.

See report on incarceration rates in US, rates that are increasingly fuelled by drug "offenders.") Our findings indicate that being a woman prisoner in U. Grievance or investigatory procedures, where they exist, are often ineffectual, and correctional employees continue to engage in abuse because they believe they will rarely be held accountable, administratively or criminally. "A Northern Border Menace" says the Boston Globe, slamming Canada's hydroponic cannabis operations because of exports to the United States.

Few people outside the prison walls know what is going on or care if they do know. Message is that Canada is not pulling its weight in the war on drugs. See the stories (updated daily) by the Media Awareness Project.

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In a preamble to the articles, the National Review editors stated: [I]t is our judgment that the war on drugs has failed, that it is diverting intelligent energy away from how to deal with the problem of addiction, that it is wasting our resources, and that it is encouraging civil, judicial and penal procedures associated with police states. If you hear about a major news story on drug policy, chances are it will reproduced at one of these sites.

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