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Sleeping or sitting in the Zero Gravity position will lessen the pressure, stress and strain on your body.While in the Zero Gravity position, your circulation will be enhanced, your breathing will be made easier and your lower back will be cradled thus reducing stress and strain.

Designer Diane Gunson, ASID, CAPS, of Eye Sense in Denver, recommends directing vanity bar lighting toward the ceiling, instead of downward, where it can reflect off a surface into one's eyes.For many people, canes are not only medical supplies, but also an elegant statement that can look dignified and stylish.Canes are ideal for people who experience mild to moderate pain when walking or who have a disability in one leg or foot but not the other.Shower and bath areas, where users are typically without their glasses, require lighting that is unobstructed by enclosures and bright enough to be visible in mist, according to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES).Glare control is a must, as light scatter makes aging eyes particularly sensitive to glare.

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Raising the head can help with such medical conditions as sleep apnea, acid reflux and may even reduce snoring.

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