Black panthers intimidating voters video

Posted by / 11-Sep-2017 21:11

Fox News reported that voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas and Ohio also said they had pushed a button on a touch-screen voting machine for Romney, but the machines recorded their vote for Obama.Fox News reported that two election judges were replaced after illegally allowing unregistered voters to cast ballots.These reports include: The Market Daily News reported on those 100 precincts in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, that on election day gave Romney zero votes, and Obama got 99 percent.“In more than 50 different precincts, Romney received two votes or less,” the report said.The Florida League of Women Voters and other groups are demanding from Gov.Rick Scott a plan to draft reforms for the state’s elections.

But then the reports of voting irregularities started leaking out, then gushing out – like the 59 different Philadelphia voting divisions in which Mitt Romney received zero votes compared to Obama’s 19,605.It was in Upper Macungie Township, near Allentown, Pa., where an auditor, Robert Ashcroft, was dispatched by Republicans to monitor the vote on Election Day.He said the software he observed would “change the selection back to default – to Obama.” Chicago elections worker Steve Pickrum told WND as an equipment manager for the elections system, he was called when a voting machine malfunctioned.A blog, Punditpress, reported “In Florida: Obama Got Over 99% in Broward County Precincts” The same site reported: “What Luck!Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote” And Punditpress also reported: “BREAKING: St.

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And, it said, in 31 other counties, registrations are above 90 percent of the population, “a rate regarded as unrealistic by most voting experts.” Fox News also documented how Senate candidate Wendy Long, an attorney who was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, recounted her voting experience.