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Bad child court dating gate music news online san

As spokesman Norm told Riffs: 'The Force are more than happy to support this cause. Difficult to believe that they are now celebrating 18 years in the business - well, we say business, but these lads just exude the love and passion that - dare we say it ('dare, dare') - that so many bands have lost - or never even had in the first place. and before you knew it they were rockin' the crowds at Stormin' the Castle in '07. What a surpise to see local lad Contraband Ron on The Chase on Tuesday (3rd).Rodrigo played with Phil and Geordie in , their Scorpions tribute band, and they both loved his talent and his personality.' It's always sad when someone who is so deeply into Rock leaves us, but so comforting to know that there are always those who will celebrate their life in the way that they would love - a night of solid Rock. Only mere (okay, a slight exaggeration) when Riffs first caught up with the band, reviewed them for the magazine (oh those were the days), took some pics, and then more pics . If ther But don't take our word for the quality, stage presence and showmanship on offer; they are playing at the Royal in Stanley on Saturday 21 Oct (apparently the roof restorers have already been booked! Sailing through the questions (thankfully he got the Keith Moon question right), he got right to the final chase. gig at East Bedlington Community Centre last weekend and, by all accounts, the night was a resounding success.Looking for covers band for Friday Dec 8th at Seaton Carew Social Club.This is a annual Charity event (budget is max 250 or less if ur feeling generous!!!Even (going by the door behind stage) looks like you have your own dressing room.You may also be thinking the same as us - shame about the non-black background!But Dave from High Howden Social Club has pointed out that it is sometimes beneficial for punters to arrive early, as sometimes their 'headline' gig nights fill up fast.

Not only to see some of this region's giants of rock, but also to raise money for a very good cause, and to pay respect to a much-loved great entertainer.

Again, tickets are available either directly from the Centre (absolutely no booking fee), or at (which will include a 50p booking fee).

has been sent some pics of the Hells Bells night and it looks like a nice big hall you can get your gear up to 11 in.

Well, Sarah from the Centre has been thinking the same thing and if the punters turn up in their droves, and drink lots (drink aware now!

), the Centre may just be able to afford a massive black backdrop.

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And no, a tin of black paint will not suffice, as the venue hosts lots of other events.

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