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This is a great introduction for a new VA smoker, which surprises me as it has the feel of a "high end" tobacco, which I would have initially imagined would be fairly temperamental, as most pedigrees are.I am pleased to say this has been an outstanding introduction for me to the world of VAs, and has given me the confidence to approach VAs as a regular part of my smoking experiences. Ok so if you have tried this you may be aware of the Mc Clelland tin smell, I won't debate it here, other than I personally love it. So first off let my start by letting you in on my ritual with this fine 'baccy.I then pour back into the tin and let it sit a week to "rest". give it about four chars ( maybe more ) then its time to go to flavor country, and yes it's a big country.This is one of the sweetest, tastiest flakes ever produced. Then a myriad of delicate and subtle flavors come knocking at the door.I know that flakes can be a problem, and I prefer dryer baccy, so I gave it 30 minutes before rubbing out and packing a small Kaywoodie Zulu fairly solidly.I then sprinkled some of the "dust" on top as kindling.

10 seconds only - I've tried fewer and more, because that's how I roll - and 10 seconds turns it into absolute perfection. I tried drying it to almost tinder, various methods of loading and everything else I could think of and it's just too much of a pain.

A tobacco that won't stay lit (much like Rattray's Black Virginia) but that tastes great screams to become a blender.

I'll have to experiment with the remainder of this.

You may also be aware that it is hard to keep lit, is a pain in the ass to rub out, is to wet to smoke out of the tin and can bite you hard if your not careful. I pop open a 100g tin and then rub the whole thing out as fine as I can make it, takes about a half hour.

After transforming the black and dark brown rubbery, leathery, jerky like flakes into something resembling crumbled up rubber I then let it sit out on a piece of wax paper for forty eight hours. ) Now that this stuff is at a smokable consistency, I gravity load a bowl and pack as one would normally, making a few slight adjustments for humidity, time of day, wind speed, ect...

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We developed this concept early on as a way to enhance our creative spirit. This has incredible high, middle and low-range notes. My tips to maximum enjoyment of this blend are: grind it quite finely (I usually do 3-5 seconds in the coffee grinder); have some saliva on your tongue when you light up, and light it thorougly (for best tongue-bite protection); smoke it slowly, consciously and cool (essential to get the most out of DS); and finally, as with all Mc Clelland Virginias, let some sidestream air enter your mouth when you draw smoke. This is my first review, never having had the confidence to do so before, so it'll likely be a short one.

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