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Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej (1901-1965) of the Romanian Communist party served as premier (1952-1955) and later as chief of state (1961-1965).Two years after Gheroghiu-Dej's death, Nicholae Ceauşescu (1918-1989), a high-ranking Communist official, assumed the presidency of Romania.At the Congress of Berlin in 1878 Romania obtained full independence from the Ottoman Empire but lost Bessarabia to Russia.In 1881, Romania was proclaimed a kingdom and Carol I (1839-1914) was installed as its first monarch.They came from various regions, including Wallachia and Moldavia.

The country's official language is Romanian, and its capital city is Bucharest.

Romania's national flag consists of three large stripes (red, yellow, and blue) arranged vertically.

, the relationship between the Romans and Dacians flourished; mixed marriages and the adoption of Latin culture and language gradually molded the Romans and Dacians into a distinct ethnic entity.

In 1849, a group of Romanians came to California during the Gold Rush but, being unsuccessful, migrated to Mexico.

Romanians continued to immigrate to America during this period and some distinguished themselves in the Union Army during the Civil War.

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The pace of transforming Romania's economy into a market economy accelerated, and improved relations with the United States, Canada and other Western countries were promoted.

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